Donate to the Metastasis Research Society



Please consider joining us and donating to support our mission to advance patient-centered metastasis research worldwide and stop cancer metastasis from stealing lives.
We are very grateful for your donation and support of metastasis research. 

Your Donation Supports Our Ability to Improve Outcomes for Metastatic Patients Worldwide By:

  • Organizing metastasis-related conferences including our International Biennial Congress to promote the exchange of information amongst stakeholders (patients, researchers and clinicians)
  • Aiding the career development of young investigators trying to build careers in metastasis research, which has become increasingly difficult due to insufficient funding
  • Promoting collaborations and sharing of resources/techniques between key stakeholders in metastasis research and treatment globally
  • Educating the metastatic patient community to enable them to make more informed treatment choices 


Future Goals of the MRS Are Only  Made Possible With Your Donations:

  • Directly fund research designed to support the most innovative and promising studies in cancer metastasis (our initial goal is 3 grants of $30,000 each)
  • Fund small research exchange grants that will provide investigators with the financial support needed to access training, tools, and reagents from expert labs
    in order to learn cutting-edge techniques needed to carry out a specific metastasis-focused project or set of experiments

  • Fund travel stipends for members of the metastatic patient community to attend MRS-organized conferences on metastasis


Note: The MRS is a registered 501(c)6 non-profit in the USA.  We are in the process of changing to 501(c)3 tax status, which will make donations made within the US tax-deductible.  This change will not affect our mission in any way.  While we can currently accept donations to support our mission, they are not yet tax-deductible in the US.