MRS Meetings

The Metastasis Research Society organizes an international congress every two years to provide a venue dedicated to the exchange of information and furtherance of research into all aspects of metastasis, from the molecular bases of tumor cell invasion to clinical management of disseminated cancer.  The conference, alternating in the Western and Eastern hemispheres, is orchestrated through an international collaborative effort with global organization dedicated to the understanding and treatment of metastatic cancer. The first congress was organized in 1984 by the society's founder, Dr. Kurt Hellmann.  Information and pictures from previous biennial congresses can be viewed here.

The MRS also frequently organizes special sessions, workshops and networking opportunities for individuals attending larger meetings such as the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), and co-organizes conferences on metastasis with other organizations.  Active MRS members receive discounted registration rates to MRS-organized conferences.  Click here to view additional member benefits and join the MRS today!

Upcoming Joint Conferences


Registration is open for our upcoming joint conference with the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR). 
Click HERE to register now! MRS members get a registration discount, and travel awards are available.


Upcoming Biennial MRS Congress

The 2018 Biennial Congress will be at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ from August 1-5, 2018.  
The associated Young Investigator Satellite Meeting will take place August 1st, and the main congress will follow August 2-5.