MRS/ECAM Young Investigator Satellite Meeting

Young Investigator Satellite Meetings are now held just prior to the start of our Biennial International Metastasis Research Congress. The satellite meeting is open to all graduate and medical students, postocs, and clinical residents.  Participation in the Satellite Meeting is free for those who also register for the main Biennial Congress. All young investigators who register for the Young Investigator Satellite Meeting are invited to submit an abstract if they wish to be considered for giving an oral presentation.


Aims of the Satellite Meeting

The Satellite Meeting is being organised by young investigators for young investigators 

Its aims are three-fold

- To give young investigators the chance to present their research to their peers in the form of oral presentations
To provide an informal forum for mutual problem solving, discussion of ideas, and sharing of methods and techniques
To offer mentoring and education through the involvement of a limited number of selected established senior figures in the metastasis research field
- To support career development through roundtable discussions, networking events, and special presentations on career development (for example comparing a job in industry vs academia)


The next Young Investigator Satellite Meeting is scheduled to occur on August 1, 2018 at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ.  The main Biennial Congress on Metastasis will follow from August 2-5, 2018.  For more information, please contact the MRS Director of Programs and Engagement, at