Patient General Resources

Welcome! Navigating life and treatment after a diagnosis of metastatic cancer can bring a wide range of emotions and difficulties.  The Metastasis Research Society (MRS) does not currently offer support programs or groups for metastatic patients specifically.  However, we recognize that being diagnosed with metastatic disease is vastly different than being diagnosed with an early stage cancer and we want to help.  It can be difficult finding information about metastatic disease despite the fact that studies published in JAMA Oncology have shown that patients desperately need more information to help make more informed treatment choices. 

We have created this page as a posting place for pertinent metastasis-related information that metastatic patients may benefit from.  If you have a website or resource that you would like posted here for others, please email it to

***Coming soon: Additional patient resource page highlighting organizations and programs around the world that offer support for metastatic patients specifically that is organized by cancer type.***


What is Cancer and Metastasis?

Click to view the National Cancer Institute's (NCIs) explanation of cancer here.

View a video in Spanish or English describing cancer metastasis (the spread of cancer throughout the body).

Learn more about what metastasis is including a timeline of landmark discoveries on our website here.


Understanding Cancer Clinical Trials

Video explanation of the three phases of a clinical trial and what they are designed to test.

Click here to view and overview of the history of clinical trials and FDA approval in the United States.

Information from the NCI for patients and caregivers about clinical trial participation can be found here.

Contact the NCI to find a clinical trial near you in the United States. Click here or call 1-800-4-CANCER for help.

Information on how to donate your blood/tissue for research in the United States can be found here.

Understanding Research

Click here to view an article outlining how to read a scientific paper.  

Video from the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) on the value of strengthening collaborations between oncologists and researchers to improve patient outcomes.

Information on how to donate your blood/tissue for research in the United States can be found here.

Why it is important to fund basic research is described here.


General Patient Support

The Patient Advocate Foundation in the United States has a vast amount of information for patients.

The National Cancer Institute's resource of organizations that provide general cancer support in the United States can be viewed here.

MetaCancer Foundation is a support site for survivors and caregivers living with metastatic cancers.

You can join online support/chat groups such as Patients Like Me or Inspire  to connect with other metastatic patients, caregivers, family, etc.