MRS Directories

When Supporting Members (metastatic patients, caregivers, family, and friends) fill out our membership registration form, they will be given the option to take a “Seat at the Bench” and lend their voices to the development of metastasis-related projects/events and/or patient-centered metastasis research grants by choosing to participate in one or both of our private directories.

MRS scientist/clinician members in good standing may email us at to request contact with an appropriate Supporting Member in either of these directories.  We ask that those participating in and requesting use of our Supporting Member directories please understand and follow the terms and use policies below.

The use of both directories is overseen by a representative of the MRS to protect the privacy of our members, and to help ensure that requests from researchers/clinicians are appropriately matched to a directory participant.  Factors that influence appropriate matching include but are not limited to, metastatic cancer type, location, and the interests and consent of the Supporting Member.

The directories are new as of May 2017 and we appreciate the patience of all of our members as we get this initiative off the ground.


Directory Descriptions

Directory 1: Supporting Member Directory for Grant Development

Supporting members (not just patients) who are willing to communicate with MRS Scientist/Clinician members one-on-one for the purpose of grant writing and who are able to write advocate support letters are invited to opt in to the Directory for Grant Development. Please check out this sample of a metastasis-related research grant if you are interested in gauging your interest in participating in this directory.

Directory 2: Supporting Member General Directory

All Supporting Members are valuable to the MRS regardless of whether they are interested in or choose to participate in grant development specifically.  All Supporting Members may opt in to the general Supporting Member directory to become involved with additional opportunities to support metastasis research and treatment that are not related to grant writing described below.  For example, during registration Supporting Members can indicate interest in leading/participating in advocate panel discussions at MRS conferences, help to create educational materials appropriate for patients, speak at conferences to provide the perspective of the metastatic community, etc.


PLEASE READ: Terms and Use Policies for Directories

Please be aware that the MRS is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of its members.  To help ensure appropriate use of both directories (the Grant Development Directory and the General Directory) for supporting members, we have instituted the following terms and use policies. 

1)    Supporting members may opt out or in to either directory at any time by emailing

2)    Only MRS Scientist/Clinician members in good standing who can demonstrate that they have been preselected for a grant application or can provide other institutional proof that they are submitting a legitimate grant can request to be put in contact with a supporting member in the Grant Development Directory by emailing

3)    MRS Scientist/Clinician members can request to be put in contact with a Supporting Member on the Supporting Member General Directory by emailing  Requests will be handled by a representative on a case-by-case basis.

4)    A supporting member’s first name, last name, and contact information will be shared with a requesting Scientist/Clinician MRS member via the MRS representative overseeing directory usage only if the Supporting Member provides consent.

5)    For security, directories will NOT be stored in the MRS website or anywhere online. 

6)    MRS leadership may access the directories for administrative purposes, but will not share them.

7)    At this time the directories only list Supporting Members who have provided consent to participate. As of now, the MRS does not keep directory of Scientist/Clinician members, and will not provide this information.

8)    The two Supporting Member directories will be updated annually by a representative of the MRS.

9)    Supporting Members in good standing who opt in to a directory will remain in the directory until they request to be excluded.


We greatly appreciate your assistance.